travel writing

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7 surprising things you’ll find at a Mexico City market, Matador, October 2014

A diary of disorientation in Mexico City, Matador, September 2013

3 lessons in Mexican Spanish, Matador, July 2013

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Why Nick Zedd Stayed UndergroundVice, June 2014

The Tragic Tale of the Monkey-LionVice, August 2011




The halfway house for deported US vets, The Observers, Mar. 2017

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Exiled on the streets of Paris, France 24, Oct. 2016

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Inside France’s #UpAllNight movement, France 24, Apr. 2016

The humanitarian camp that France didn’t want, France 24, Mar. 2016

First Zika epidemic ‘went unnoticed’ in French Polynesia, France 24, Feb. 2016

Muslim leaders hold “open mosque” day one year after attacks, France 24, Jan. 2016




Interview with artist Marcela Armas, Whitewall, Spring 2013

Interview with photographer Alberto Garcia-Alix, Whitewall, Winter 2011-2012

Interview with photographer Anthony BarbozaWhitewall, Summer 2010




“Desarollo Humano”, KGB Lit Journal, July 2013